My holiday

My holiday was all about working in blog and joining my family. When we were in Canada I was doing my Persian home work then I think after 6 days we came to air port to go to Iran. the first air plane that we flew was Air Canada. The second plane was Lufthansa. We spend 24 hours in air port because the plane was broken I think. Actually engine number 4 was not starting. When we cam to Iran my grand parents were so happy. I started doing my Persian home work and blogging. in Iran I have 6 persons in my family but in Canada I have 3 persons in my family. In 13 Jan 2015 we came to Canada. I had so much fun in Iran and I want to work harder in Jan.


                                                                                    THE END


One thought on “My holiday

  1. Great holiday. I think you did good but next time maybe you can make it longer. Also when are you coming back to school.

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