Reflection of the school year

I learned a lot of things and had awesome times in the school year. First person that I meet was Ms. Hall. She was my ESL teacher. In the 11 day of September we had Terry fox run. In that day we ran just like terry did. the next month was October. In October e had Thanks giving day. In that day we had no school. In the last day of October  it was the Harvest festival. I had so much fun in the Harvest festival. the next month was November. In November we had remembrance day. And then December. In December 22-31 e had winter break. It was so long for me. In the 25th of December Christmas started. sadly Santa didn’t bring gift for me. After  that January started. In January we had a big trip called EOEC. EOEC was awesome. It was just like my own home. After that February came by. In 19th of February we had lunar new year. It was good for me to having a new year come. By then March started. In March we had March Break. March break was my best break. After that it was Norouz (Iranian new year). We had a big dish for Norouz It’s called Haft Sin (Seven Dishes). Then April started. In 6th of April Easter Monday started. After that in 29th of April the spring concert started. I was performing in the dance team and the paper airplane song. After that May started. We had Victoria day in 18th of May. After that June started. In 24th of June we had graduation ceremony. 25th of June was the last day of school.

I hope that I great times in grade 6.




























Hi, today I want to talk about sharks.

I like sharks because they are awesome creatures. they can jump out of the water and catch the prey. they can eat anything like salmons, fish, crabs ,flat fish, frog fish, and also humans. I really, really ,really, like sharks and I hope they sustain in the future.

Don’t hug me I’m scared

The question was what is the biggest thing in the world.
They wanted to know more about the world.

They looked at the globe and suddenly the computer talked and gave them information.

They asked questions.

The computer suddenly mixed up. They were inside the computer.

They said he is not invited. Then they smacked his head.


buoyancy: The ability to float or rise to the top

of a liquid or gas.


chemical change: Change in matter that produces a new

substance. Baking a cake mixture is

an example of a chemical change.



distillation: A method of separating pure liquid

from a mixture.


evaporation: A change from a liquid to a gas.


Opera and the magic flute

I rely like the show.I think they did a great job because the show was  Talen ting  and the characters did the  Talen ting.

I think  the  characters  enjoyed  the  show. What I learned about myself was that every person should  have the responsibility to do what they say.

The show was good because every body learned 3 things :

1- Don’t lie to other people.

2- Be responsible .

3- Be kind to either young and old.